Managed it Services

Why Managed IT services is important?

Qserve – the Preferred Destination for Businesses in UAE that want the most Brilliant IT Talents from Around the World.

Types of Managed IT services

IT Staff & Service Outsourcing

Low Productivity, Absenteeism, Inadequate skills, Excuses, Sick/Annual leave replacements, Hiring Challenges, Supervision issues – these are common issues in IT departments at most of the organizations. Further, Overheads & Indirect costs ride heavily above employee salaries. All these factors take away the quality time of CIOs & Senior Managers making them spend late evenings & weekends in the office while struggling to cope up with their most important responsibilities towards the organization’s business objectives.

Focused Outsourcing Solutions for NextGen Businesses

Is your business suffering because your organization lacks international-quality IT talents? Join our large pool of successful businesses for whom we offer best-in-class talents from around the world at competitive costing. Leave the IT staffing problem to us. While we do the talent hunting with a hawk’s eye concentrate on core functions and focus on performance and meeting corporate objectives. We guarantee our outsourced talents to perform like super stars and improve productivity to its peak. Qserve ITs understands that every business is unique and there is no one-solution that fits every organizational need.

Document Management System

HCT understands that instant access to critical documents is important for running businesses these days. Customized SharePoint will give your marketing team a formidable and reliable tool for taking sales up.

Our services provide a unique range of benefits